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Research Activities


- Production of O. ochengi infective larvae
- Production of infective larvae of
O. volvulus
- Biology of
O. volvulus in experimental infection of immunocompetent and Cytokine knock laboratory mice.
- Microfilaricidal activities of doxycycline on the treatment of onchocercaisis
- Elucidation of the role of Wolbachia in the development of
O. ochengi and O. volvulus in the Simulium vector.
- Refinement of Onchocercaisis mapping in APOC countries


      - Characterization of the immune response in different clinical and parasitological groups of loiasis and/or onchocerciasis
      - Characterization of the immune response to
      Loa loa in experimentally infected Baboons and laboratory mice.

      Community directed interventions
      Community-Directed Intervention (CDI) against major health problems (Onchocerciasis, Vitamine A, Tuberculosis, Malaria) in Africa
      - Community directed treatment of Onchocercaisis with Doxycycline

      Others Tropical diseases
      - Characterization of malaria vectors, determination of their transmission potential and the impact of the climate change on their competence
      - Physicochemical characterization of Anopheles breeding sites in the mount Cameroon region
      - Field testing of mosquito repellents using experimental huts

      Distribution and risk factors in the highland regions of Cameroon

      REFOTDE offers its expertise in the integrated mapping of the neglected tropical Diseases and in the execution of the community directed health interventions

      Contributed by Samuel Wanji.

      Staff involved with FilARiA-EU

      Prof. Samuel Wanji
      Peter Enyong